how to connect to the VPN ?

Congrats, you’ve subscribed to a Groupe Fyroeo VPN service that respect your privacy. Here’s some simple steps to connect to the VPN according to the informations with gave you.

Download OpenVPN Client

First of all, you will need the OpenVPN client to connect to the VPN. You can download it here

access the openVPN server Interface

Next, you will need to connect to the OpenVPN Server Interface using the credentials we gave you within your subscription.

Once connected, click on the Yourself (autologin profile) button to download your personal connection file.

Be sure to store this file securely, and don’t share it or unknown people may use your VPN subscription.

Connect to the VPN

Import your personal connection file by double-clicking it.

Once done, just swipe the button next to the newly imported profile to connect to your VPN Subscription

Next ?

A VPN Server allow you to access Geo-Blocked services or websites. Since we provide a VPN access from France, Belgium and the United States, you will be able to access contents from these countries.

Here’s a non-exhaustive list of content you can access if you are in the United States, and want to access France content:

  • Direct-TV services : TF1, France Television, 6Play…
  • Netflix: Access to the french catalogue of the streaming service
  • Other Geo-Blocked services

Groupe Fyroeo VPN






Ease of use



  • Access Geo-Blocked Services
  • Respect your privacy


  • May slow your internet connection
  • Don't use the provided VPN configuration of the OS

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