how to use my web hosting and upload files ?

Great News, you’ve subscribed to our web hosting service and you’re now ready to go !

Connect to the management panel

After your subscription, we will provide you the management panel URL with your personal credentials: use them to connect to the management panel.

Watch the different informations and note the nameservers provided: they will permit you to directly manage your domain into the interface. (if your offer contains it)

To create a new website, click on the + green button

Create my Website

Once you clicked on the + button, you will be asked multiple informations about your website.

First, the domain: this is where you will access your website.

Check or Uncheck DNS Support & Mail Support according to your wished configuration.

You may choose aliases for you website: www in general.

We provide a proxy that cache some files on your website. This make it faster.

Don’t worry about SSL Support for now, we will see it after

Select a Web Statistics service if you want. Don’t forget to set a user and password for security

Check Additional FTP if you want to configure multiple FTP access for your staff

Upload files to my website

You’re now ready to go to upload files to your website. Use a FTP software (FileZilla for example) and connect to your website storage with these informations:

  • Hostname: Your domain or the IP address provided in your website information
  • User: The user you use to connect to the management panel
  • Password: The password you use to connect to the management panel
  • Port: 21

You should upload your files in the following directory: /web/yourdomain/public_html (remove the existing files if any)

Add hTTPS support to your website

The configuration depends on if you already have a SSL Certificate or not. We provide free Let’s Encrypt certificate if you don’t have any SSL certificate.

I will use a let’s encrypt certificate

Go to your website configuration in the management panel, check the SSL Support case, check the Let's Encrypt Support case and finally, save the configuration. A Let’s Encrypt certificate will be generated and configured automatically.

I will use a third-Party certificate

Go to your website configuration in the management panel and check the SSL Support case. You may now generate a CSR if you need one. After the third-party delivered you a certificate, fill the different forms on the management panel and save the configuration to import your SSL Certificate

You may want to force the use of HTTPS on your website. We provide a free proxy configuration to do it: just contact a support member, and we will be happy to assist you.

create a database

Go to the DB tab of the management panel and click the + green button.

Fill the different informations you’re asked:

Database: the name of your database

User: the user to connect to the database

Password: the password to connect to the database

Charset: If you need one different from default

Save the configuration. We provide a PHPMyAdmin instance if you need to connect to the database easily.

Create a mail account

Go to the MAIL tab of the management panel and click the + green button. Hover your domain and click on the Add Account button

Account is what is before the @

Password is the password you will use to connect to the webmail

Save your configuration. Notice that we provide the connection parameters to the right. Use the dropdown menu to choose a configuration based on your needs.

Next ?

We don’t provide a tutorial for the DNS, the CRON, and the BACKUP tabs. You should use them only if you know what you are doing. Now that your website is configured, you may install your website and welcome some visitors !

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